New! The winners of "GNC's 2013 Product Innovation Award" have just released their newest breakthrough into the sports nutrition category, which is already a frontrunner for this year's award.

This new creation is an innovative stimulant-free preworkout supplement. Designed to help you build massive muscle size and power without steroids or adulteration.

Many popular preworkout supplements include decent ingredients, but are fatally flawed due to the inclusion of cheap stimulants, like caffeine.

Caffeine is great for a quick buzz, but constricts your blood flow. How does that help your gains? Caffeine is a poor solution for more pumps, power, or performance. In order to get measureable gains in the gym and see the results you want, there are a few variables that you should demand from your body.

With the new, highly advanced Precursor formula, every one of these areas to achieve maximum muscle gains was addressed.

  • 1) Focus, energy and drive
  • 2) Pump, power and performance
  • 3) Rest and recovery
  • 4) And repeat

It starts with the formula's exclusive energy complex. At the core is a clinically researched, patent-pending ingredient known as elevATP®. This proprietary combination works with our natural energy-producing mechanisms to stimulate the production of ATP, the energy currency of the body.

In other words, elevATP is able to generate fuel at the cellular level working seamlessly with the body's natural physiological processes. It's also the answer to getting that powerful surge upon entering the weight room time and time again, leading to your most explosive workouts ever.

The next key component in SPs Precursor is a patented Beta-Alanine super ingredient called CarnoSyn®, which ignites muscle carnosine levels. An astonishing correlation has been linked between boosting muscle carnosine concentration and colossal increases in pumps and power during exercise.

  • More energy at the cellular level.
  • More raw power.
  • Explosive workouts.
  • More pump and size.

This new generation of compounds found in Precursor is able to fuel more muscle gains without stimulants like caffeine. Caffeine constricts blood flow and it supports raises in blood sugar by any means necessary, even cannibalizing amino acids.

By eliminating caffeine, from SPs Precursor, nutritional experts were able to provide more pump to your muscles with increased blood flow and support more muscle growth by protecting amino acids to be used for future recovery.

Plus, there's no caffeine crash or stimulants to cause trouble sleeping. Don't let a stim-heavy formula devastate your workouts.

From GNC's review section: "You can feel the difference immediately when working out and the "ampt" feeling it gave lasted from start to finish. No tolerance issues or adverse effects experienced and it really seemed to give my body the extra drive to push harder during run and weights. Excited about this one!" - Simon, FL

If you're ready to experience the best workouts of your life, the makers of SPs Precursor are providing two-week samples to customers who qualify online. You can also find Precursor in GNC stores nationwide. Click here to claim your 14-day sample and start your pump!

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